What I Do

As an accredited business broker, it is my role to help you in the process of selling your business to the most appropriate parties at the best possible price.

This might be a price that is less than you expected, it might be more than you expected, but it will aways be the best price that I am able to negotiate on your behalf. That should be the job of any good business broker.

I work with all sorts of businesses during the sales process, but typically, in my 30 years experience, I have dealt with hundreds and hundreds of small business owners who are looking to transition out of their businesses to move on with a new phase in their life.

For many, the sale of a business becomes their “superannuation” or pension fund, so achieving the best possible price is something I always strive to do for my clients and whilst it might not be the price that a business owner expects, it is always the best possible price in terms of the actual value of the business.

I can help demystify the process for you, and negotiate with both parties on your behalf, as any good business broker should. I shall do this in an ethical and transparent way.

I can help you identify any possible “problems” along the way that might impede in the successful and timely sale of your business.

And, of course, I will always strive to get the best possible price at the lowest commission prices in the industry, so you walk away with more money in your pocket.

So, if you’re thinking about selling an established business that has been around for decades, or a prospering business that has been around for years, or even a new business, please give me a call. My first and second opinions are obligation-free.

Denis King -0418 342 451

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